Please fill out the following form separately for all vehicles you wish to CANCEL. Once submitted, this will serve as your 5-day Notice of Cancellation. We require the following information as Proof that we’ve disabled the correct account and that we have a documented Cancellation
Notice in the event an error occurs. This Form provides clarity for us and Proof of Cancellation for You (Our Valued Customer) preventing mistakes and/or oversights!

You will receive a confirmation email regarding the status of your account as long as you have entered the proper email address at sign-up. You should NOT fill out this form if you are replacing your current vehicle with a new vehicle or if your credit card information has changed. If these changes are needed, please visit our Neenah location and our attendants will help you.

Thank you for being one of our VIP UNLIMITED CUSTOMERS! We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again! Thank you for choosing Diamond Glow Car Wash, locally owned and operated. Have a great day!

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