About Diamond Glow Car Wash

Our car wash will be one-of-a-kind by offering the fastest and highest quality express car wash services in the area.  We’ve designed a premium carwash experience that uses advanced technology to quickly and affordably clean your car to our customers.  The Express Tunnel Car Wash utilizes a revolutionary car wash technology known as Spin Lite car wash equipment to get your car super clean and dry, quickly and conveniently.  While traditional car wash equipment consists of thin strands of cleaning foam that spin at about 100 rpm and “whips” your car clean.  Spin Lite cleaning media is thicker pieces of self-supporting closed-cell foam that gently cleans your car as it spins at only 30 rpm.  The foam is designed with arms, hands, and fingers to ensure that it gets into all the areas that are hard to reach and gives you a hand washes feel and look.  This equipment is noticeably quieter and gentler on your car to make your experience a positive one.  

It is also much safer on your vehicle’s finish, and because of the structure it actually “buffs” your car as you wash.  A customer will be in and out within 5 minutes of entering.  There will also be free vacuums available after every car wash.